Who is S-One Labels and Packaging? 

S-One Labels & Packaging provides essential products, unparalleled service, technical know-how, and integrated solutions to digital printers in the labels and flexible packaging digital printing. S-OneLP provides innovative product research, development, manufacturing, and distribution to digital imaging, design and print professionals with representatives worldwide. We are also committed to helping the industry develop sustainable materials and processes for labeling and packaging.


CatPak is a full-service eBeam curing solution for coating and curing 30-inch flexible packaging films. The system relies on state-of-the-art technology to produce fast, clean and food safe flexible packages.
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Thermal Laminators

The T-Series Thermal Laminators from Cellcoat range in size from 350mm to 1100mm and are ideal for digital label and flexible packaging converting, especially when speed to market and minimal material waste is critical.

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Lock3 is a revolutionary anti-microbial coating that kills germs, viruses, and bacteria on printed surfaces, including high touch items such as labels and flexible packaging.

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Featured Products

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HP Indigo Pack Ready for Label 

The solution to create durable labels that can resist water, heat, and chemical elements.

Polytex Durable TTR Varnishes

The UV varnish durable solution to a cost-effective way of adding new capabilities to your label printing business.

Thermal Laminating Films

HP Indigo Pack Ready thermal film is food compliant used to protect surface printed pre-laminated flex-pack films. 

ReTreve™  Recyclable Papers

Don’t spend time shopping with a variety of suppliers for sustainable products. We’ve partnered with the most trusted names in the industry.

VerifyMe™  Security Solution

S-OneLP and HP Indigo collaborate with VerifyMe to offer a unique end to end anti-counterfeit and brand protection solution.


Michelman primers 

The ‘one and only’ HP Indigo approved primers for digitally printed labels and flexible packaging.


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