Cannabis Packaging Regulations by State

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Cannabis packaging laws can change frequently. This map shall not be considered legal advice. These are the most up-to-date state regulations as of April 19, 2022.

Leading the Cannabis Packaging Market

Phillip Harrison of Dura-Pack joins S-One Labels & Packaging to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the legal cannabis market. Dura-Pack, a Michigan-based manufacturer of stand-up pouches and bags, and food packaging machines and equipment began designing and manufacturing cannabis packaging systems in 2015 and manufacturing flexible cannabis pouches in 2018. In this video, Harrison discusses everything you need to know before entering the cannabis packaging market – including child-resistant regulations, the printing process ideal for this market, automation technology, and more.


Prepare for Cannabis to Take Off

The demand for cannabis packaging is growing by the day, as more and more states put legal cannabis laws on the books and the federal government eyes legalization. The legal cannabis industry is forecast to grow at a staggering 21 percent through 2025 and predicted to reach $46.8 billion that year. This has ushered in an entirely new range of applications for label and packaging producers. Contact S-One Labels and Packaging experts to answer any questions you might have about this emerging industry.


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Understanding Child-Resistant Packaging

Cannabis packaging regulations change often – particularly in those states that just recently adopted cannabis legislation. The rules on packaging vary state to state, but one thing remains nearly universal: child resistance. This article explores child-resistant packaging, how it’s achieved, and what this standard means for the wider cannabis packaging industry.

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