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We know owning a business can be a challenge, but S-One Labels & Packaging is here to make sure your future looks brighter than ever. There are already several factors that can impact how you grow your business: taking care of customers, having the right people in place, and setting up an easy workflow, just to name a few. 

Let S-OneLP take care of some of the headaches. We can help make sure you invest in the right equipment, which can dramatically improve your workflow. Here, you will learn about the T-Series thermal laminating systems, the CatPakTM eBeam System, and custom modifications to your HP Indigo press which help improve your output and performance.

T-Series Thermal Laminators 

The T-Series Thermal Laminators – with their compact design provide accurate tension control and high-speed capability that are ideal for digital label and flexible packaging printing and converting, especially when speed to market and minimal material waste is critical. They are ideal for HP Indigo Series 3, HP6000 series and HP 20000 series press owners.

The innovative design includes an in-line corona treater, lay-on roller, chill rollers, edge alignment and in-line slitting that can all be managed by a single operator. The Cellcoat T-Series Thermal Laminators are available in North America and EMEA exclusively through S-OneLP.

This is exciting technology for press operators who want to use their narrow web machines to create flexible packaging with surface-print films and provide an overlaminate to protect the ink layer and add options like soft-touch, special designs, and scratch-resistance. It provides a cost-effective method in contrast to costly pressure-sensitive adhesive laminates.

S-OneLP offers four models of the Cellcoat T-SeriesThermal Laminators: 

  • T-14 - 14" (350mm)
  • T-21 - 21" (540mm) 
  • T-30 - 30" (760mm)
  • T-43 - 43" (1100mm)

We also offer a line of T-Series validated laminate films in gloss, matte, and soft touch finishes.

Cellcoat T-Series Thermal Laminator Product Highlights

  • Easy settings for quick setups for a single operator
  • Short web path ideal for high-value materials (minimal waste)
  • Superior bond strength
  • Instant cure allowing you to slit or pouch immediately
  • Ideal for: Flexible packaging, label finishing, roll stock, pouch film manufacturing, multiple film construction

HP Indigo Modifications 

The team at Custom Design Applications leads the industry in solutions by bringing innovation to the field, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and expanding to new customer sectors. They create modifications for Indigo presses that will help you improve your output and performance.

Some of the modifications installed in the field include:
  • Backside Web Views
  • Dryers
  • Laminators
  • UV or AQ Coaters

What capabilities would you add to your Indigo?  

From a backside web viewer to dryers, laminators, and extra take-up reels, S-OneLP and CDA can make that dream a reality. CDA has the most Indigo modifications placed in the market today, which is a true testament to just how impactful one of these modifications can be on your bottom line.


CatPak™ System 

CatPak™ CatPak™ JetFx™ eBeam Digital Embellishment System

Converters opt for eBeam embellishment because it offers:

  • A uniform, instantaneous cure
  • An indirect food-compliant finished surface without post-cure time
  • Inks do not contain harmful photo-initiators.

The CatPak™ JetFx™ Digital Embellishment System utilizes a high-resolution print bar from industry leader JetFx™ for one-of-a-kind digital embellishments such as spot varnish and cast and cure effects.

JetFx™ eBeam inks, CatPak™ eBeam flood coatings and S-One LP flexible packaging films have all been validated for use with the CatPak™ System to complete the full flex-pack, shrink sleeves and labels printing and finishing solution.

CatPak™ JetFx™ System Highlights:

  • Personalize variable printing
  • Digital registration
  • Instantly cured high-performance indirect food-contact compliant ink
  • Speed: Up to 262 feet per minute (mechanical speed for spot varnish)
  • Easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning
  • Validated with CatPak™ eBeam flood coatings and S-One LP flexible packaging films.

Plus, the CatPak™ JetFx™ Embellishment System won’t damage HP Indigo ElectroInk, and it seamlessly supports fitments like zippers and spouts.


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